This is what happens when your date sees your tweet about how terrible your date is

Romance is exciting stuff. The pre-date build-up, the nerves, the anticipation of what he'll be like, privately musing over what shoes to pair with a strapless, off-white wedding dress before you've even met the guy... Okay maybe that last one is just us. But dating is fun and fun things are worth sharing on social media. Right? tumblr_inline_oc6m7rHCtL1qgfq5s_500 Turns out that treating the big bad internet to tales of your dating life isn't without its risks, as one unlucky tweeter found out when things turned a little sour on the date. It started off so well; an excited young man shares the news that he has a date planned for the weekend. All lovely stuff. CqY_ya_W8AAPnDq But then things go a bit sideways, as he ends up running 25 minutes late. CqY_ybAWIAELJ_m 25 minutes is quite a long time to be kept waiting. Not everyone would wait for 25 whole minutes, but his date did, bless him. However from the looks of this SOS tweet, it might have been better if he'd just bailed all together. CqY_ybAWIAELJ_m If you think things can't get worse, where's your imagination? For this is the internet, and the internet will always find new and unusual ways to punish you. Somehow, his date found the SOS tweet (pretty nifty detective skills as there was no name mentioned) and had something of his own to add. CqY_ya_WYAE3BRb Well that escalated quickly. pop corn   And everybody watching pretty much reacted the same way... All there's left to say? Let that be a lesson to you: NEVER ever share your dating woes online. More stories: Frank Ocean's new poem 'Boyfriend' is heartfelt, political, and must-read LGBT athletes take home record number of medals at Rio 2016