This Lord Voldemort lip sync is the best thing you'll see all week - WATCH

He killed it harder than Lily and James.


Words: Will Stroude

With his penchant for black, world domination and holding death grudges against whiny teenage students, there's always been something about Lord Voldemort that's felt a bit, well, gay.

The Harry Potter villain has long had his own special kind of camp appeal (Nagini, anyone?), but seven books and eight films later we're officially ready to christen Tom Marvolo Riddle a bona fide gay icon after he proved he can kill a lipsync as hard as Harry's parents.

Seemingly tired of meddling with the term-time goings-on of a remote magical boarding school, He Who Must Not Be Named took to the stage at San Francsico's Oasis club this weekend for the performance of a lifetime.

During a night dedicated to Ariane Grande, the Dark Lord proved a stan as he tore it up to 'Dangerous Woman', with a performance that included an outfit reveal, a wizarding duel and some questionable use of the Cruciatus Curse on a shirtless hottie.

It beats trying to take take over the world with a magical diary, we guess.

The magical performance came courtesy of US drag performer Florida Man, whose punk-ass look proves man drag can be every bit as fierce as the female equivalent.

He's currently touring the US on his 'Dramatic Farewell Tour', but thankfully shared a clip of his Harry Potter-themed performance on Twitter to make Death Eaters of all of us...