This Taylor Swift parody video is absolutely hilarious

Even more than her love of cats and bad boyfriends, there's one thing even the most casual fan knows about Taylor Swift nowadays: She loves her famous friends. Tay-Tay's concerts and music videos have been stuffed with celeb cameos of late, to the point where some are wondering: is Swifty REALLY BBFs with all these people? Tay-Tay and pals. From the celeb overload of the Bad Blood video to the random appearance of Wimbledon winner Serena Williams on stage at her recent Hyde Park show, Taylor's famous entourage game is strong. But a concert appearance over the weekend in which Taylor invited Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts and folk legend Joan Baez to catwalk up and down the stage with her was the final straw for one fan. "After seeing Joan Baez and Julia Roberts come on stage at T Swift's Santa Clara show, I came up with some predictions for the random cameos that might occur at her upcoming LA concerts," writes YouTube user Lara Marie Schoenhals. Just watch. It's three minutes of magic: Our personal highlights: "My two best friends, Gigi Hadid and the Blair Witch" "Christine Ouzounian - the nanny Ben Affleck f*cked!" "On a serious note, please welcome to the stage, the ashes of the victims of the Salem Witch trial!" Mark our words: Taylor Swift is sat on a cat-filled tour bus busily taking notes right now. More stories: Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj have made up Watch: Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart recite Taylor Swift lyrics