Three million people want same-sex marriage banned in Romania

According to Gay Star News, three million people have signed a petition to get same-sex marriage banned in Romania despite the country failing to recognise same-sex marriage or civil unions. The petition was started by The Coalition for Family and was circulated around in Romania's churches. The group needed 500,000 signatures and they have raised over three million. MozaiQ is an LGBT rights organisation in Romania and Vlad Viski, the president of the group, told Gay Star News that if The Coalition for Family succeed in banning same-sex marriage, they will not stop there. They will then propose bans on abortions, pornography, policies to discourage divorce and ban all sexual education in schools. He said: "The LGBT community in Romania seems to have very little options in the battle with the Goliath that is the Orthodox Church. Local groups are poorly funded, very few people are out and ready to represent the cause, and there is still fear amongst activists to openly ask for the legalisation of gay marriage." "These days and in the upcoming months, Romania is faced with a major decision concerning not only LGBT rights, but rather the path it wants to take when it comes to democracy, European values, separation between Church and state, and protection of minorities." Viski adds that, "It can either choose to go back to a past where abortion and homosexuality were illegal, or it can go forward and stand up for its LGBT citizens, for equality and justice for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, bodily ability or socio-economic status." More stories: Beyoncé just got bigger… with her own day Watch Miley Cyrus’ gender defying performance on NBC’s Maya & Marty