Three out of 10 men have lied on their gay dating apps

Three per cent have over-exaggerated how well-endowed they are


Three out of 10 men have lied about their age, height and weight on gay dating apps.

According to a new survey by, out of nearly 4,000 gay men, three out of 10 admitted they have lied on their profiles.

Only three per cent have over-exaggerated about how well-endowed they are but a whopping 83 per cent admitted to sending cock pics.

More than a quarter of the men said the guys they went on to meet were less attractive in person than they originally thought.

Most of the men surveyed revealed they needed to see at least three pictures of another guy before meeting, but 30 per cent had met up without seeing one picture.

HIV-negative guys admitted they were unlikely or highly unlikely to start a conversation with someone who said they were HIV-positive.

Nearly half of those living with HIV disclosed their status in their profile but 90 per cent said they would reveal it before sex.

Just 10 per cent of HIV-positive men would only disclose their status if asked.