Throw marriage licenses at Kim Davis in new mobile game

Kim Davis, she who notoriously denied same-sex couples a marriage license and was briefly jailed in contempt of court, is now the subject of a mobile game - because 2015. Condemn Kim, available for Android, has been developed by Endless Spiral and invites users to “battle against bigotry and achieve equality”. Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.12.08 Short story short: Kim is behind a counter and players have to take her out by throwing marriage forms at her. Other items you can hurl include divorce papers, a stool and a flag. The game was released yesterday (September 26) via Google Play, and is free to anyone with an Android smartphone. Condemn Kim is not available on Apple devices as yet. The description reads: "Join us in a battle for the ages. On one side of this virtual battle field littered with shredded paper and sadness, festers Kim an agent of civil discrimination. On the other side, the warriors of love, the soldiers of acceptance, and the army of equality." 50% of the profits made from in-game purchases will go to LGBT charities. Last week it emerged that she does in fact have a gay friend, who - safe to say - is not best pleased with her following the last month’s events.