Tina Fey and Paula Pell talk 'Sisters' with Attitude

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are two of the funniest women in show business, so naturally we’ve been very excited about their new movie Sisters. Recently Attitude’s Ben Kelly got to sit down with Tina, and the movie’s writer Paula Pell, who has written on Saturday Night Live for 20 years, to chat about the movie. Sisters Talking about how she wrote for Tina and Amy, Paula explains, “I would picture how they make me laugh, particularly as a person that’s known them so long. When I laugh the hardest at them, what are those moves? And then writing them in, but then they made them so much funnier.” Meanwhile Tina describes having a comedy script written for her as “a beautiful Christmas present,” and recalls for us the wonderful topless male dancers she and Amy used to have at their Golden Globes after parties. Just one more reason for us to hope they change their minds and host it one more time. Sisters is in cinemas now. More stories: Chris Mears just posted his most bulge-tastic selfie yet Special offer: Try 3 issues of Attitude for just £5