Tina Fey's Mean Girls musical is '60% done', says co-writer

The musical adaptation of Mean Girls is "60% done" according to one of the production's writers. Jeff Richmond, who is co-writing the adaptation with his wife and creator of the iconic teen film, Tina Fey, has revealed that since the pair completed work on Netflix's acclaimed comedy series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, they have made "quite a lot of progress" on the highly anticipated production. Mean Girls "There’s been quite a lot of progress on it. We are circling in on, here’s what I can tell you: Nell Benjamin of Legally Blonde fame, she’s working with us as a lyricist," he told Yahoo. "We've been working for a long time now. I’m going to say it’s like 60 percent written, and it’s being staffed creatively. We are looking to do some actual solid readings coming around this summer. The Kimmy Schmidt thing took a lot more time than we all thought, so it slowed some Mean Girls stuff down." He went on to tease the title of one of the musical numbers, saying: "There’s a song called Old Blonde Song. It’s sung by Regina’s mother." Gretchen-Mean-Girls-fetch-gif Meanwhile, Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese, who played the "too gay to function" Damian in the original film, has joined the team as a regular columnist for attitude.co.uk - check it out here. More stories: James Franco on his sexuality: ‘I guess it depends how you define gay’ One Direction’s Liam: ‘I ended up kissing Zayn once’