Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black hit back at Katie Hopkins after she mocks their marriage

The former reality star and Daily Mail columnist took aim at the couple earlier this week


Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have hit back at Katie Hopkins for mocking their decision to have a child. 

Daley and husband Dustin Lance Black have been subjected to criticism ever since announcing their plans to start a family last month. The pair were slammed for deciding to use a surrogate, and a Daily Mail columnist penned a homophobic op-ed asked readers to "pass the sick bag".

The haters came flooding in once again this week after the pair opened up about their child and revealed that they're expecting a baby boy

Former reality star Katie Hopkins couldn't help but take aim at the couple in a tweet that mocked the pair's decision to have a child via surrogate. 

Sharing a screenshot of a BBC News tweet reporting the announcement, Hopkins wrote: "And with @amazonprimenow they get free next day delivery". 

The couple then hit back at Katie Hopkins for her tweet. In his reply, screenwriter Dustin explained the struggle he and Tom underwent to get a child.

He wrote: "For any who care to understand the process, surrogacy for gay and straight parents as well as most pregnancies requiring medical assistance can take years longer than those that don't. And pregnancies requiring medical help come with their very own hopes, heartbreaks and joy." 

Meanwhile, 23-year-old Daley tweeted back: "It's actually a 2 hour delivery service. Not next day. Sorry hun. Love ya babez". 

The spat continued several hours later when Hopkins shared a screenshot of Daley's reply and wrote: "As fast as that? Bless you and your one-click baby order. Women labour hard so we may know the pain of love. Knowing the pain of loss is a different thing, lovely man. Only YOU can heal it xx". 

The Olympian then tweeted back: "LOVE is the winner at the end of the day, not the hate you spread".

Hopkins then blasted Daley by sharing screenshots of Daley's reply and a Daily Mail news story reporting on his nude leaks from January.

Alongside the images, Hopkins wrote: "You are right, Tom. Sometimes I guess there's just TOO much love to go round." 

The couple have yet to respond to Hopkins' latest tweet.