Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black share a romantic weekend in Paris

While we were at home this Easter, eating chocolate and regretting a lifetime of poor decisions, Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black were on a romantic getaway to Paris. Luckily for us, Tom filmed the whole thing and has just put out a video of their trip so we can feel like we were there. We get a glimpse into the couple's whole weekend – from the train journey to their hotel room. While the weather in Paris doesn't befit Tom's preferred mode of shirtlessness, as Dustin correctly points out that, "by UK standards it's boiling hot." The pair meander around the city searching for ice cream and visiting tourist attractions. They also make time for some tongue-in-cheek banter that isn't lost on us. Bangkok, anyone? Tom and Dustin also recreate some of the photos they took on a trip to Paris when they first became a couple in 2013, which is super adorable. The couple celebrated their fourth anniversary last month. These two continue to be super cute, while we can’t even get a second date. How do they do it? Watch the whole video below: More stories: Tom Daley gets whipped cream pied in the face for Mother’s Day: WATCH Tom Daley’s fiance Dustin Lance Black signs major modelling contract