Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black: their most adorable moments

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are a married couple. Since the couple started dating in 2014, they have been nothing but an adorable presence on our social media feeds. Tom, 22, and Dustin, 42, have kept us updated on their life together with regular pictures on Instagram, and Tom's YouTube videos. Tom & Dustin got engaged in 2015, celebrated their fourth anniversary earlier this year, and exchanged vows yesterday (May 6). To celebrate the couple's nuptials, here is a selection of the Tom and Dustin moments that made us go "Awwwww":

When Tom proposed

Tom & Dustin engaged in October of 2015. Later Tom revealed that he was the first to pop the question, but there was a twist: the Oscar-winning screenwriter had already bought a ring ready to ask him too. "I took the ring with me from London", Daley says of his trip to Black's home to propose. "Lance was surprised, but then he went and got the ring he'd bought for me." tom daley Tom also make a sweet admission about the early days of the couple's relationship back in 2013, which began after he left a note in Lance's phone telling him to call him. "We started talking and that was it" he says, adding: "I was nervous at the beginning - can you do an emoji, how many kisses, or none?"

When they wore the same outfit

There's only one thing we can think when we see the pair of them, walking hand in hand down the street in matching rainbow tie-dyed vest tops: RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

When Dustin congratulated Tom on his coming out anniversary

Dustin congratulated Tom on the first anniversary of his coming out video in 2014. To mark the occasion, the filmmaker posted a throwback photo of himself and Daley at a BBQ before they went public with their relationship. He posted: "Happy 1 year @tomdaley1994! Here's a family BBQ throwback to the good times before we could share! #bangs"

When they went on a romantic trip to Paris together

Last month Tom and Dustin went on a weekend trip to Paris, and Tom filmed the whole thing. The pair meandered around the city searching for ice cream and visiting tourist attractions. They also make time for some tongue-in-cheek banter that wasn't lost on us. Tom and Dustin also recreated some of the photos they took on a trip to Paris when they first became a couple in 2013, which is super adorable.

When they got shirtless together

Pretty soon after going public with their relationship in 2014, Dustin shared a photo of him and Tom together. Both had their tops off as they tried to keep cool at 2013's World Aquatics Championship in Barcelona.

#TBT keeping cool-ish #JulySun #BCN2013

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When they were reunited after some time apart

The pair were separated for a few weeks last summer while Dustin filmed When We Rise, a historical drama about the US LGBT rights movement, and they both made it clear they haven't enjoyed being apart. After they were reunited, Tom sharing a snap himself in bed with of a sleepy Dustin, explaining that his fiancé was still jet-lagged from his travels.
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