Tom Daley is buzzing about becoming a father

The Olympic diver is expecting his first child with husband Dustin Lance Black


Tom Daley is “literally so buzzing” about becoming a father.

The Olympic diver is expecting his first child with his husband Dustin Lance Black and on a recent YouTube video, Daley was asked how he feels about becoming a father, and he revealed they have already started working on their nursery.

He replied: “If I’m quite honest, I’m literally so buzzing. We’ve been working on the nursery, we’ve got a rocking chair…

“Actually, when we were jet lagged the other day at 5.30 in the morning coming back from Australia, Lance and I put the pram together – stroller or whatever you call it depending where you are – but honestly, we are so excited.

“We even bought a little kangaroo outfit while we were in Australia with ears and everything and it’s literally just cuteness overload and I’m so excited because it’s getting closer and closer.”

The diver – who won gold at the Commonwealth Games in Australia with Dan Goodfellow – also said when he found out he was expecting his baby was his favourite memory with his husband.

Daley said: “One of my favourite memories with Lance is when we found out that our surrogate was pregnant.

“There is no other feeling or no other moment that I could explain any kind of similarity what it’s like to be a parent and when you find out its real, it’s one of the most exhilarating, nerve-wracking moments that you will ever have.

“Obviously, the day we got married was nerve-wracking and an amazing day and a memory that will last a lifetime, but there’s something really special about taking the first steps to expand our family.”

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