Tom Daley offered G-A-Y DJ gig by Jeremy Joseph

TomDaleyInstagram1Tom Daley has been offered a DJ gig at London's G-A-Y. The Olympic diver was offered the gig by owner Jeremy Joseph following his recent visit to Heaven with boyfriend Dustin Lance Black. During Tom's recent visit he decided he wanted to have a go in the DJ booth, leading to the offer from Joseph for him to return to the decks to raise money for charity. Speaking to heat magazine, Joseph said: “Tom’s manager called and said there was a group of them that wanted to come down. We started the night backstage and that’s where I thought he’d stay, but Tom really wanted to go out to the main floor. "When he spotted the DJ, he decided that he wanted to have a go. It was really funny. I’ve offered him a night where he DJs for charity. He seemed like he was up for it.” Tom spoke about his sexuality for the first time in a YouTube video posted in early December.