Tom Daley Vs. Dustin Lance Black in pumpkin carving contest - WATCH

We've seen Tom Daley getting ready for Halloween by dressing up as Kermit the Frog, but what about the pumpkins? Well, Tom Daley and husband-to-be Dustin Lance Black came together for some fun pumpkin carving. However, since the pair are both so competititve, the pumpkin carving quickly turned into a full-scale competition, and they want you to decide the winner. But there's a twist: they turned themselves into 2016's biggest competitive duo! That's right, Tom and Lance dressed up as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for this spooky competition. So watch as Trump and Clinton go head to head carving pumpkins, get intimate and dance? Take a look at the video below and vote for the better pumpkin carver: More stories: Orlando Cruz pledges to become world’s first openly gay boxing world champion Scottish hotel loses five-star status over owner’s homophobia