Tom Daley's slow-motion butt workout is essential viewing for every gay man - WATCH

We're here for the fitness tips, honest.


When he's not busy winning medals or preparing for the arrival of his son with husband Dustin Lance Black, Tom Daley loves nothing more than to share some Olymic-level fitness tips on YouTube. And boy aren't we grateful.

With summer here and a trip to the beach in a pair of Speedos hanging over us, Tom has shared a six-minute home workout to give your butt a boost, and whether you're palnning on putting his routine into practise or not, it's safe to say it's essential viewing - we mean, just look at that view!

We're talking about the London skyline guys, c'mon.


🍑SIX Minute BUTT Workout!🍑 • • • No Equipment. No Excuses! • • • Lots of people ask what they can do to stay in shape, when they don’t have much time. Here’s a start! Swipe up on my story for the full workout. Or search on YouTube 🤪🍑

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If Tom's handy slow-motion Instagram taster version whets your appetite for a workout (and why wouldn't it), you can check out the full video below: