Tom Hardy naked whilst filming TV series 'Taboo'. Can the release hurry up?

Buff actor Tom Hardy has been seen filming for new TV series 'Taboo' completely in the nude. The 38-year-old was photographed stripping for the role by The Sun on Sunday in Tilbury Fort, Essex, next to a housing estate. Seen jumping from a boat into a freezing cold lake, Tom was spotted by an onlooker who said: "He was naked at one point, and had to wade out of the boat into the chilly water carrying a big sack of gear." "He wore protective socks for that bit, although I'm sure he would have preferred to have been wrapped up in other areas," the source continued. Aw Tom, if you were cold you should have given us a call. We'd have warmed you up. 'Taboo', which stars Tom as main character James Keziah Delaney, will air on the BBC later this year. You can check out all the pictures and video of Tom's skinny-dip here. More stories: Gay Atheist flees Syria to escape discrimination, is mocked by other refugees Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign makes appeal to same-sex parents