Top Model's deaf contestant Nyle comes out as 'sexually fluid'

One of our favourite America's Next Top Model contestants in a long time - the series' first deaf contender, Nyle DiMarco - has come out as 'sexually fluid' during a Q&A with fans. One ANTM fan tweeted at DiMarco, 25, asking, “Nyle you have so much gays fans! Tell us, boys or girls?” to which Nyle simply replied, “fluid,” along with a link to an Everyday Feminism article: 'How Fluid Sexuality Fits into the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum.' As defined in that article, "being sexually fluid doesn’t mean a person is confused. For a person to know and accept their sexuality as fluid, they must be self-aware." The term 'sexually fluid' envelops those who "identify as bi, pan, queer, no labels, genderqueer, or any other identity that goes beyond the sexual identities normally covered by 'gay' and 'straight'." Meanwhile, Insta-stalking Nyle today (don't judge us, we're doing important work), we stumbled upon another exciting fact: Nyle has two equally hot brothers, including a GINGER TWIN. Yes, the guy to the right of this photo is Nyle's actual twin brother: And here are some more recent pics from Nyle's Insta, just 'cos: 650px X 150px ATTITUDE TV BANNER