Toronto gay bathhouse forced to apologise for turning away men in make-up

They said they have addressed the issue with their employees


A Toronto gay bathhouse has been forced to apologise to patrons after it turned them away for wearing make-up.

Steamworks, which is based in the city's gay village, allegedly turned away the patrons after telling them that wearing make-up is in violation of the men-only club's policy, Daily Xtra reported.

Now, the club is promising that their staff will be trained to be aware that although the club is for men only, it is also trans-inclusive.

Back in March, DJ Scooter McCreight - who is cisgender - took to Twitter to reveal he was turned away for wearing pink and blue eyeshadow and silver nail polish.

He wrote: "Starting today with a community discussion about how I was denied entry into @SteamworksTO last night because they have a rule AGAINST WEARING NAIL POLISH! Let's discuss! [sic]"

But when he was unable to remove the nail varnish, McCreight decided to leave instead and said: "I just left. I was not in the mood for any confrontation in this space.

"Really what it comes down to is they weren't into what I was presenting that night and use whatever rule they had to deny me entry."

Since being rejected, Steamworks reached out and apologise to the DJ and posted on Facebook clarifying that its entrance policy is trans-inclusive.

They wrote: "After further review, it's become clear some of our staff have misinterpreted our admittance policies.

"We have addressed the issue with the employees involved and we'll be providing additional training to all staff ensuring this error never happens again.

"As a club for men, we welcome ALL men, INCLUDING Transmen or individuals who identify/present as Male. [sic]"