Toronto 'serial killer' Bruce McArthur charged with sixth murder

Detective Hank Idsinga confirmed the news last Friday (February 23)


Canadian serial killer Bruce McArthur has been charged with a sixth count of murder. 

Bruce McArthur hit headlines over the last month after he was charged with five counts of murder after police discovered human remains in planters at properties the 66-year-old had worked at.

However, it appears that McArthur's crimes may be even worse than first feared. 

Detective Sergeant Hank Idsinga announced on Friday (February 23) at a press conference that McArthur had been charged with the murder of Skandaraj 'Skanda' Navaratnam, who went missing in 2010.

Skandaraj 'Skanda' Navaratnam

The 40-year-old was last seen leaving the now closed Zippers gay bar with another man and friends have claimed that he was involved with McArthur.

The landscaper's Facebook profile also listed Navaratnam as a friend.

Idsinga confirmed that police will continue searching for more remains and are re-investigating reports of other missing people over recent years in case there's a link to McArthur. 

Meanwhile, Facebook group Toronto's Missing Rainbow Community shared a post claiming that McArthur was a customer at a gay bar called Sneakers and asked customers for any information they have on McArthur. 

Bruce McArthur's alleged victims

McArthur, who owns his own landscaping company called Artistic Design, was arrested and charged for the murder of two men last month.

A week later, he was charged with the deaths of three more men whose remains were found in planters. Earlier this month, the remains of three more victims were found.

Police also revealed they had found a naked man chained to a radiator on the morning of McArthur's arrest. Soon after, a Toronto shopping mall claimed that McArthur had worked for them as a mall Santa.