Town clerk who refused to give couple a marriage licence was forced to give a public apology

Sherrie Eriksen refused to give Dylan Toften and Thomas Hurd a marriage licence last year


A town clerk who refused to give a gay couple a marriage licence has been forced to give a public apology.

Last summer, Dylan Toften and Thomas Hurd went to get a marriage licence at the local town clerk’s office in Root, New York, when Sherrie Ericksen refused.

Ericksen lied to the couple and told them they needed to have an appointment but in reality she refused to do the job herself because same-sex marriage was against her religious beliefs.

Toften and Hurd took to social media to call out the town clerk and tagged the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who slammed Ericksen’s and said it was an act of discrimination.

And now – after the couple threatened to sue the town – it was agreed Root would pay them $25,000 and get a public apology from Eriksen.

And yesterday (April 11), Eriksen stood in front of a group of people including news camera crews and town leaders to give her public apology.

She said: “On 30 July of last year, there was an unfortunate incident involving Mr. Thomas Hurd and Mr. Dylan Toften, who came to my office seeking a marriage license.

“I am sorry for any harm or inconvenience my actions caused the couple.”

Watch her public apology below: