Trailer for Whitney Houston documentary hints at same-sex relationship

A new documentary about the life of Whitney Houston will explore the late star's rumoured relationship with a woman. Whitney's relationship with childhood friend and Robyn Crawford has led to questions around her sexuality over the years. Whitney: Can I Be Me, from acclaimed director Nick Broomfield (Biggie and Tupac, Kurt & Courtney) and co-director Rudi Dolezal, will delve into Whitney and Robyn's relationship - as well as Whitney's marriage to Bobby Brown, her personal struggles and return to the stage and screen. The film features extracts from Whitney's interviews and performances, and gives us an insight into her infectious personality and powerhouse talent that cemented her status as one of the most incredible singers in musical history. Using previously unseen footage cut with exclusive live recordings, Whitney ‘Can I Be Me’ traces the life and career of Whitney Houston from her early life in New Jersey singing in the church choir, to her record label signing and meteoric rise to fame, through her phenomenal successes as a recording artist and actor to her tragic death at just 48. Many of Whitney's friends, family, and colleagues - including her mother Cissy - took part in interviews for the film. The documentary's title is a reference to Whitney's favourite saying, 'Can I be me?', something she used to say when she felt like she was forced into being something that did not reflect her true self. In one clip from the trailer, an interviewer asks Whitney how she'd like to be remembered. "You know it probably doesn't matter anyway because they're gonna remember me how they want to remember me anyway," she responds. Whitney 'Can I Be Me' will be released in cinemas on 16th June, with the premiere and a live performance from Michelle John taking place on 11th June at Sheffield Doc/Fest and being broadcast into cinemas nationwide, supported by the BFI Audience Fund, awarding funds from the National Lottery. Watch the trailer below: For more information about the film, click here. More news: Arrested Development star comes out as bisexual Amnesty International calls on Indonesia to revoke caning sentence for gay couple