Trans kids with family support have positive mental health, study shows

A new study from the U.S. shows that trans children with family support have positive mental health compared to those who don't. The study by the University of Washington, is the first of its kind to look at trans children in the US on a long-term basis, according to Pink News. The results of the study show that the high suicide and self-harm rates typically found in trans children are not linked to their gender identity, but instead to the amount of support the children receive from family members. The study concerns 73 pre-pubescent children aged 3-12 who are considered as "socially transitioned" after changing their pronouns, names, and the way they dressed. The study's results show that the children had no higher rates of depression or anxiety than their siblings, or any cisgender children. It acknowledged that, although other factors were likely involved, positive mental health was probably linked to parental support and not the identity of their gender. More stories: Gay Irish man subject of two homophobic attacks in same night in Sydney Is an openly gay character about to join the 'Star Wars' cast?