Trans teenager allegedly gang-raped by three men on first night out as a female

The victim was raped by three men who are set to return to court on July 11


Words: Steve Brown

A transgender teenager was gang-raped by three men on her first night out as a female.

According to police, the teenager went out with two friends in Antwerp last year where she was allegedly harassed by a 34-year-old man, the Metro reported.

When she left the Red & Blue gay club to get some fresh air, the man and two others allegedly followed her and put her in a taxi where they began to grope her.

Despite trying to force the man off herself, she was taken to a flat where she was raped in turns by the three men, local media reported.

She managed to escape by biting one of the men on his penis.

Her lawyer said: “My client is transgender. That night was the first time she went out as a female, something which makes the facts more severe.”

The lawyer has reportedly demanded damages of £7,052 to be paid by the three alleged rapists and prosecutors have demanded prison sentences of six years for the three suspects.

Although the three suspects initially denied any contact with the victim, they changed their story after DNA was found on her body.

The lawyer of one of the men said: “My client no longer denies that sexual acts happened, but they did not happen against the victim’s will.”

The other two suspects also denied raping the teen, saying that the sex was consensual.

They will return to court on July 11 for trial.