Transgender The Voice star Jordan Gray makes history with new single

The first mainstream music video with a trans female and cis male love scene has been made by the first ever transgender person to participate in The Voice. Being the first trans contestant in The Voice in any series across the world,  Jordan Gray has made history again in her music video 'Platinum' for its trans female and cis male love scene in a mainstream music video. Things haven't been easy for The Voice star, who has has spoken out in the past about being bullied for being transgender and kissing her girlfriend in public in the past. The video for 'Platinum' features Gray and porn star Mickey Taylor, as lovers in a hotel bedroom. Jordan Gray spoke to Gay Star News, telling the publication: "It’s pioneering because it features the first cis male-trans female love scene in a mainstream release,’ Gray told Gay Star News. "He knew his way around the bed! I was directing at the same time as well as starring in it, so it was mildly awkward. I was like, “kiss me here”, “roll over here here!”, “take these off!”. "But it’s important because people will get to see trans love normalized. It’s really important. Everyone gets to do it, why can’t I? It shouldn’t be controversial at all." Watch the video here: