Transgender woman's transition partly funded by online friends

Lowissa Jai moved to London when she was a teenager and started sharing pictures of her transition online. Now 33 years old, Jai has received more than £150,000 from online fans to fund more of her transition, cosmetic surgery and her lifestyle. “At school, I knew I was different to the other boys," she told Pink News. “One of my first memories is of sneaking into my mum’s bedroom to try her red lipstick. Unlike my older brother, I didn’t want to play with trucks and [toy] dinosaurs. “I just wanted to wear dresses and join in with the girls in the playground. Thankfully, my parents were always incredibly supportive. “When I told my parents that I wanted to have a sex change, they weren’t surprised at all, as they’d always known that I was different. But kids weren’t so kind and I was bullied mercilessly." After undergoing reassigment surgery on the NHS, Jai found a new confidence which allowed her to open up about her identity. Using online chatrooms and platforms, she soon found people willing to help her out. Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: “I’d chat to guys on webcam, or swap pictures. It was a good way for me to build my confidence. Then one day, a man asked if he could buy me a gift. I laughed and asked for a pair of high heels. I never thought he’d keep his word, but he did. After that, I got lots of men offering to give me money or buy me expensive gifts. I never asked, but they were more than willing to provide. I soon had thousands of pounds, so I booked myself in for a nose job to make my appearance more feminine.” Jai has now almost finished her transition an d even has about £50,000 left over for holidays and new clothes. “I love what I do and it makes me feel amazing to know that I’m helping others to get the support that I was lucky enough to have myself. “I still occasionally chat to men online if I fancy a nice holiday or a spot of Botox, but these days I’m too busy helping others. I’m grateful to my admirers for helping me become the woman I was always supposed to be." Read more: White House LGBT page disappears following Trump inauguration Cameron Dallas gets dirty for new black and white photoshoot