Troye Sivan recalls the moment his dad became a 'gay superhero' at his first ever Pride

As the world celebrates a summer of gay love, Troye Sivan has opened up about his first experiences of attending Pride with his family. In a special video series for Paper magazine's Pride issue, the Aussie pop star reveals why Pride means so much to him, and recalls the moment his father made a touching show of support for his son shortly after he came out as gay. "There's some sort of kinship between LGBT people that is actually indescribable to me. Everyone should go to Pride I think. The electricity that's in the air. For me at least, it was like a life-changing moment," Troye says. "Plus, it's really really really fun." Recalling the first time he attending a Pride parade in his native Australia, the 'Wild' singer, 22, says: "I remember being so terrified to tell my parents I wanted to go to Pride, and I was like 'Dad there's the Pride parade in Perth, do you mind giving me a lift? "Turns out my whole family like piled into the car on Sunday." He continues: "I remember somebody coming and putting a rainbow flag on my dad. "I probably exaggerate it in my head but I remember the wind blowing through the cape and my dad looking like some gay superhero. "This guy that I was petrified to tell I was a gay not even a year prior; I just felt that unconditional love that day." More stories: The Big Brother boys can't stop making out with each other - WATCH Ricky Martin opens up about filming first gay sex scene for American Crime Story: Versace