Troye Sivan talks sexuality: 'The hardest person to come out to was myself'

Up-and-coming pop star Troye Sivan has opened up about how he came to terms with his sexuality in a a video teaser for new track 'Heaven'. The 20-year-old South African-born Australian - who recently heaped praise on artists like Sam Smith and Olly Alexander for making coming out "no big deal" in pop - has recalled the struggle to accept his own feelings in a video teaser for new track 'Heaven', featuring fellow Aussie artist Betty Who. troye new "The hardest person to come out to for me was myself," he says. "When I first started to realise that I might be gay, I had to ask myself all of these questions. These really, really terrifying questions. "'Am I ever gonna find someone? Am I ever going to be able to have a family? If there is a god, does that god hate me? If there is heaven, am I ever going to make it to heaven?' "And those were really, really scary questions for a 14-year-old. "And then throughout the process, I kind of started to build this self-confidence and this self-worth, and I realised 'Yeah, I am gay.' Eventually I got to the point where I was like okay, if there is a heaven but I can't be myself up there, maybe I don't want heaven." Meanwhile, the former YouTube star recently unveiled the heartbreaking final installment of his ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ video trilogy - click here to check it out. Troye release debut album Blue Neighbourhood on December 4. More stories: Modern Family’s Reid Ewing just came out in the most chilled way possible GIF special | The Justin Theroux naked scene that sent US audiences into meltdown