'True Blood': Kwanten, Skarsgård to have erotic encounter

true-blood-eric-webTrue Blood stars Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgård have filmed a homoerotic scene between their characters. Jason Stackhouse (Kwanten) will have an erotic encounter with Skarsgård's brooding vampire Eric Northman in an episode of the show's seventh and final season. "When he first appears, [Eric] is letting Jason unbuckle his belt, with enough candles flickering in the background to light a cake for his 1,087th birthday," Entertainment Weekly teased in their review of the show. Meanwhile, Skarsgård has compared the scene to something you would see in "an Argentinean telenovela", adding that it is "totally over the top". However, as usual with True Blood the scene will only feature as part of a dream sequence. True Blood's seventh and final season will kick off on HBO in the US on June 22, and will follow in the UK on July 7 on FOX. > Watch new trailer for ‘True Blood’s last ever season > Thanking the world for shirtless Skarsgård