Trump ignores Pride Month, supports 'National Homeownership Month' instead

Donald Trump's White House has declined to issue a proclamation in recognition of Pride Month. Pride Month takes place every June to commemorate the struggles and accomplishments of LGBT+ people the world over. Trump's predecessor Barack Obama issued a proclamation for Pride Month during every year of his presidency, but Trump has so far not made any mention of Pride Month. The White House website lists five proclamations for June:“National Homeownership Month,” “African-American Music Appreciation Month,” “National Caribbean-American Heritage Month,” “National Ocean Month,” and “Great Outdoors Month.” Those last two are particularly ironic considering Trump's decision to remove the US from the 2016 Paris Agreement to tackle climate change. Trump pledged to support the LGBT+ community in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando last year, but since his election he has taken a series of steps to remove protections for LGBT+ Americans. Although Donald Trump did not issue a proclamation, a recognition of Pride Month came in the form of a statement by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. “As we mark LGBT Pride Month, we honor the LGBT leaders who have striven to build a more just society for all, and recognize the struggles and sacrifices they have endured in the fight for equality,” she said. “This month, we celebrate their triumphs and remember that our Founders’ creed – that all are created equal – is not inevitable; that we must work every day to forge a more just, inclusive and perfect union.” “Tremendous progress has been achieved, but the journey is far from over,” she added, before taking aim at Trump's administration for their failure to protect LGBT+ citizens: “LGBT Americans face an assault on their rights from the White House and House Republicans, who are gutting HIV prevention and treatment initiatives, dismantling protections for transgender children in public schools and conspiring to render LGBT Americans invisible in the census. "These hateful, discriminatory attacks dishonor our nation’s most sacred ideals of liberty and make passage of the Equality Act – which would bring the full force of the Civil Rights Act to secure equality for LGBT people – even more urgent.” More stories: Man spared jail for raping man at Oktoberfest by saying he’s not gay Zac Efron opens up about what it was like kissing another guy for the first time