Trump's transgender military ban to go into effect today

The bigoted President of the United States revealed his anti-trans plan back in 2017


Trump’s transgender military ban will go into effect today (April 12).

The bigoted President of the United States revealed in a Twitter post back in July 2017 he planned on banning 15,000 transgender military men and women and although federal judges blocked his plan, the case was back in court this year.

His plan was met by opposition from LGBT+ activists and trans military men and women and on January 22, the high court reversed court orders preventing the Pentagon from implementing the plans.

But despite this, the high court has refused to take up cases about the plan and cases will continue to move through lower courts.

And now, according to a Defense Department memo, people diagnosed with gender dysphoria and who live as their true gender or on hormone replacement therapy will not be allowed to join the American military.

The memo also states that current people in the army won’t be able to start hormones or get gender reaffirmation surgery after April 12, the day the ban will come into place.

Transgender people in the military will also have to present as their sex assigned at birth and they can be discharged if they are ‘unable or unwilling to adhere to all applicable standards, including standards associated with his or her biological sex, or seeks transition to another gender.”

People who have already begun hormones or already started transitioning by the date may continue to do so afterward.