TV host Graham Norton gets out his Tinder finger

The host of one of the UK’s most popular talk show, Graham Norton, is now an active user of one of the world’s most popular dating apps. The 52-year-old TV personality has joined the millions of people around the world swiping left and swiping right on Tinder in a quest to find new love, reports the Sun. grahamtinder1 grahamtinder3 grahamtinder2 With a profile featuring rugged holiday shots drinking wine and sitting on a motorbike in full leather kit, the move follows Norton’s recent split with his partner of five months, music marketing consultant Andrew Smith, 36. Norton, who is said to be worth £27million, has struggled to maintain a long-term relationship despite a long list of boyfriends and admirers. After splitting with Smith, Norton told his Radio 2 show co-presenter Maria McErlane “you have your own rules as you get older”. “I would prefer to live alone for the rest of my life rather than live with towels that were folded incorrectly,” he said. “Petty is important. That’s why marriages break up. Marriages don’t break up because of big things.” Norton joins a list of celebrities including Hilary Duff, Katy Perry and Lily Allen who have all swiped right and left in the past.