Twins reportedly rejected from daycare centre in Switzerland because they have two dads

Stefan and his husband Rosha claimed the daycare centre said same-sex couples raising children isn't normal


Words: Steve Brown

Twin three-year-old boys were reportedly rejected from a daycare centre because they have two dads.

Stefan and his husband Rosha were trying to enrol their sons, Rafeal and Rahul, into a playgroup in Lenzburg, in Switzerland, when the daycare centre released they were a gay couple and said a same-sex couple raising children is ‘neither normal nor natural’.

According to Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes, Stefan said the director of the centre said ‘children can be very mean and that’s why she didn’t want to welcome to kids of a gay couple’.

Because the playgroup is private and does not receive any public money, Stefan and his partner were helpless as the centre doesn’t have to their sons.

Lawyer and Vice President of Wybernet – a lesbian professional network – Cordula Niklaus said: “This incident shows that protection against hate and discrimination is a necessity.

“If these children had Jewish parents, excluding them would be illegal.”

“It’s good that our case led to a discussion about homophobia in society,” Stefan added.

“We hope that no other gay or lesbian couple will have to face the same discrimination that we did.”