Two far-right, Trump supporters charged with felony assault after attacking man last year

Timothy Ledwith was attacked as he crossed the street by Tusitala Toese and Donovon Flippo


Two members of a far-right, Trump supporting group have been charged with felony assault after attacking a gay man last year.

Tusitala ‘Tiny’ Toese and Donovon Flippo – both members of the Proud Boys group - were sat in a truck at a traffic light in Portland when Timothy Ledwith crossed the street in front of them in June last year, The Oregonian reported.

The men were reportedly shouting about Trump and chanting to ‘build the wall’ and when they saw Ledwith they hurled homophobic slurs at him before confronted him.

Toese punched Ledwith in the face, knocking him to the ground. The victim suffered a mild concussion and needed stitches for a split lip.

The two men did not face prosecution for the attack until now, despite Toese telling police he had punched someone.

But now, this week the two men were charged with a felony assault.

Proud Boys was founded by conservative provocateur Gavin McInnes and have held right-wing rallies and often start fights with left-wing protesters.