Two injured in gas attack on Croatian gay club

Two people have been injured in a gas attack on a gay nightclub in Croatia. An investigation is underway after a canister of what is though to have been tear gas was thrown into Super Super Club in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in the early hours of Sunday (12 February). In the ensuing panic, two people were injured as club-goers attempt to evacuate the venue via its only exit - a narrow staircase - and broke windows in an attempt to get fresh air. Reports say it was a busy night for the venue, which had turned people away as it reached capacity. According to The Washington Post, Croatian gay rights groups are describing the attack as an “act of hate violence.” The Zagreb Pride group have released a statement accusing Croatia's conservative government is ignoring a recent surge in right-wing extremism in the Balkan country. "Zagreb Pride demands from the police to carry out fast and effective investigation and to identify and bring to justice those responsible for this awful physical assault on the citizens", a statement read. One witness recalled the panic and confusion inside the club, telling Vecernji: "People were literally falling over each other." "I think no one was even aware of what exactly was happening." A police investigation into the attack is currently underway. More stories: Relive Jamie Dornan’s revealing Attitude shoot and interview from 2006 Grammy Awards 2017: Live Blog