Two Premier League footballers are reportedly suffering homophobic abuse from teammates

One of the players found a note with a homophobic slur written on it


Two Premier League footballers have reportedly complained they are being subject to homophobic abuse at their club.

One of the unnamed players says he found a note with the “f****t” written on it before kick off and the other footballer reportedly gets teased for being in a relationship with the fellow pro and found a sex toy in his car, The Sun reported.

A club insider said: “The atmosphere at the club has been toxic and the targeted players have been left distraught.

“Players are actively seeking transfers because of it.”

Six meetings are said to have occurred with senior players over the alleged bullying but nothing has happened.

One player also told his teammates he objects to gay sex on religious grounds and two posters were also placed at the training ground teasing the pair.

Reports also claim that some of the players have accused the club’s management of doing nothing to stop the abuse.