Two teen boys arrested following 'corrective' rape of lesbian woman in South Africa

Two of the suspects have been arrested but the third is on the run


Words: Steve Brown

Three teenagers allegedly raped a woman to try and ‘correct’ her sexuality.

Over the weekend, Cape Town held its annual Pride Festival and many gathered to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

However, three teenagers captured a woman and raped her nearby and police believe their excuse was they were ‘correcting’ her sexuality.

Two boys – aged 14 and 17 – have been arrested for the attack but the third is on the run, the Daily Voice reported.

The victim was reportedly walking to a shop around 10pm when one suspect – who she knew - approached her and said someone wanted to speak to her.

She followed him to a shack behind the main house and once there, the three men held her captive and threw her down and pulled off her pants.

According to Colonel Dawood Laing, all three men ‘sodomised her’ before letting her go.

Laing said: “She went to her girlfriend who called the police and a case was registered.

“She was taken to the hospital and officers went on the hunt for the suspects on Monday morning.

“They found two of the gangsters, aged 14 and 17, while the third suspect is on the run.”