Tyra Sanchez slams 'psychotic' RuPaul's Drag Race fans and claims they're 'racist'

Tyra Sanchez has had enough of being trolled on social media. It's been a tough few weeks for the season two winner of Ru Paul's Drag Race after she was forced to apologise for making fans believe fellow star Morgan McMichaels had passed away. In a reddit Q&A, the controversial queen hit back at fans of the show who have been criticising her, and claimed it's "only black queens" who receive such abuse. "[The biggest change is] the fans are psychotic," she said. "White queens are always the favourite. Black queens deserve hateful tweets. Queens should be stoned or tarred and feathered even if they deserved the win. ie.: Nina Bonina Brown or me. I think I’m treated unfairly from the get go. However, many of her critics have said it's Tyra's attitude towards fans that have left her open for criticism, rather than the colour of her skin. Especially when queens such as Latrice, Bob the Drag Queen and Naomi Smalls are so well-loved among fans of the show. For instance, back in 2015, Trya controversially told a fan to "kill himself" during a bitter rant. In a now-deleted follow-up tweet, the performer also wrote: "I have no sympathy for people that commit suicide. They’re cowards. They give up & give in. Stop tweeting me about it,’ she wrote in a now deleted tweet. Reflecting on the drama her remarks caused, Trya added: "That's just elevated it more. Yes I believe it has to do with race."