Ugandan newspaper reports on 'bum drillers' at Birmingham Pride

Ugandan tabloid newspaper 'Hello Daily' has published an article on Birmingham Pride, showing pictures from the ‘mega sex festival’. The report claims that the pride celebrations, which took place over the weekend of May 23-24, had caused all work to stop and bring the city of Birmingham to a standstill, because nothing else mattered. IMG-20150528-WA0014 As well as the dramatic tone of writing, the article also goes on to publicly shame specific Ugandan people who took part in the weekend festivities. Captions such as “Ugandan chic kisses her lover at the sex fest” could be seen on the front cover of the newspaper, reports Pink News. “One of the remarkable couples was that of a serial Ugandan bum driller who was seen holding his white pensioner partner tightly," reads one sentence. The article goes on, detailing the event as an “anal sex fete” which attracted “over 2000 gays and their sympathisers” and was “organised by notorious bum drillers”. Within the report, there are references made to the positive equality message that Pride promotes, stating that “calls were made to Ugandans to stop persecuting the gays”. However, this was surrounded by negative comments discussing how the “daring gays were seen on the streets spanking each other with love, cuddling and swapping saliva with partners of the same sex like the world would end the following day.” Words by KARL HUGHES