UK drag scene's fury as Pride-goer tells queen why she's not good enough for Drag Race

"Fix the hairline and bra. Michelle would come for you."


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Pexels (posed by model)

A Pride-goer has been roundly blasted by the UK drag community after listing the reasons why a queen wouldn't make it onto RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

The uncomfortable video, filmed at last weekend's Manchester Pride, was shared online by drag queen Shania Pain [pictured below] yesterday. The clip has amassed 180k views and counting on Twitter.

In it, the unidentified individual takes issue with the queen's hairline, bra, and undergarments.

"Hide your undergarments"

"Fix the hairline, fix the bra and hide your undergarments," the critic says.

When asked why they reply: "Because Michelle would come for you!" 

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Also sharing the video on Instagram, Shania Pain said in her stories: "This person was previous to this [...] telling me they are sick of toxic behaviour and body-shaming in the LGBTQIA+ community.

"They then proceeded to laugh and joke about [someone] who had a lot of body hair calling them a 'sasquatch' to which I told them that's not OK and you have just made yourself apart of the problem you say you don't like [sic].

"Their response was to tell me 'this is why you won't get on drag race' and proceeded to list all of the things wrong with me. As you will see in the next video, there was a lot more but this is all I managed to capture."

"The reality of being a drag queen - and it gets no better by being in the race"

Famous drag queens including Drag Race UK SE1 winner The Vivienne were quick to clap back at the comments.

Said Viv: "What a knob! Know it all drag ‘fan’…… sure you just played the main stage?!" as SE2 winner Lawrence Chaney opined: "This is the reality of what local queens have to put up with, people who don’t know much about drag thinking they can judge! Fuming."

Baga Chipz posted rolling eye emojis in response to the tweet, while Ginny Lemon said: "Had a punter tell me that If I shaved my chest I might get on drag race (this was at Manchester pride 2021)."

Added Tayce: "ew who the f*** is THIS."

Added A'Whora: "This really is the reality of being a drag queen, and it gets no better by being in the race! If you don’t win the competition they will feel a NEED to tell you exactly why and what’s needed for all stars LOL."

Even Priyanka weighed in, simply saying: "canadas drag race judges."

Another Twitter used said: "why does this twink think the smoking area of Superstar Boudoir is an episode of Untucked," while another added: "This is why I h*te cis yt gays in drag spaces. Y’all do this far too much."

Shania Pain was not available for comment at the time of publication

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