UK voters want to leave the Eurovision Song Contest for good

It turns out we're not big fans of the Eurovision Song Contest after all. We've been a part of the competition since it began, but a poor run of showings has left the country disillusioned with the hugely popular show. It's going to be a tougher year for the UK than normal considering we're starting the process of leaving the European Union for good. As a result, research conducted by OnePoll has found that 53.6 percent of Brits want to resign from the competition once and for all, while only 46.4 percent want to remain. Of those than want to ditch the contest forever, 63 percent argue that taking part is a "big waste of money". Other reasons for wanting to exit the competition include thinking the entire campy sceptical is a "national embarrassment". “It’s been 20 years since the UK won the Eurovision and Brits seem to feel like it will be another 20 until we win again," a spokesperson for Ladbrookes told Pink News. “Brexit means Brexit, and it looks like leaving the EU will do us no favours this year when it comes to emerging victorious.” This year's Eurovision Final airs Saturday (May 13th) on BBC One.