UKIP Christians label Manchester Pride 'a parade of depravity'

A Christian UKIP group have labelled Manchester Pride "a parade of depravity". Christian Soldiers UKIP, who call themselves a "Christian Fellowship of the UK Independence Party Fighting through Christ for deliverance from EU tyranny," made the outrageous remarks in regularly issued party newsletter. “Thousands of people proclaiming their pride in their depravity paraded through the streets watched by multiple thousands of supporters applauding the display of wickedness and seeking to drown out the voices of the few crying in the wilderness," read the newsletter. Following a wave of criticism, the newsletter's editor Elizabeth Ann Biddulph defended her decision to publish the opinion piece, arguing that Christians "have a right to speak out" against homosexuality. “We are Christians and many Christians don’t believe that gay marriage is the right way to go, and that homosexuality is sinful. We have a duty to speak out, otherwise if we remain silent then we too are condemned," she told The Mirror. “I don’t regret it because as a Christian I believe homosexuality is wrong. We should have free speech and the right to speak out,” she added. A spokesperson for UKIP has responded to the controversy in a statement, saying that the fringe group's views are not of "an acceptable standard" to be associated with UKIP. “This leaflet was recently brought to our attention. Authorised groups are not allowed to invent UKIP policy, and we do not consider that this leaflet is of an acceptable standard to be associated with the UKIP brand," said the spokesperson. More Stories: ISIS throw another allegedly gay man to his death Priest refuses to resign over gay porn past