Ukip react to London Pride block: "Sad day for diversity and freedom"

Ukip have described the decision to block them from London Pride as a "sad day for diversity and freedom". Organisers have confirmed that they have reversed the original plan to allow the party to join the June 27 march on grounds of safety for others involved. ukip3 Writing on the LGBTQ in UKIP Facebook page, they expressed their disappointment at being blocked from a "community event". "The board of London Pride 2015 have not decided to reject our application. Instead they have decided to rescind the invitation under threats from and complaints by other members of the LGBT community," the group's chair Flo Lewis stated. "We should be very sorry this decision has been made, equally we are sorry the organising committee and board of London Pride 2015 has been put under the sort of pressure it has over the past few days." The response added: "All people, regardless of creed, colour or sexual orientation, can find a home in Ukip. It is a sad day for diversity and freedom when these people are prohibited from expressing their selves as part of the wider community." More stories: Patrick Stewart explains 'gay cake' bakery comments Aaryn James: 'I'm a minority within a minority'