UKIP remove a candidate who said homosexuality is “abnormal”

A former prospective UKIP councillor has been barred from standing in Wigan after he made homophobic comments on a UKIP-affiliated Facebook page, according to Wigan Today. According to reports, Steve Mills referred to homosexuality as "abnormal", and hit out at LGBT-inclusive sex education, saying “Any resident of Astley or Mosley Common who needs help defending themselves against Wigan council or bailiffs, or if you think your children are being indoctrinated with abnormal sexual education in school, please feel free to contact me on this site or UKIP Leigh.” He also added: “I am a born-again Christian and I am saying that I believe that homosexuality is abnormal. That doesn’t mean I haven’t got friends who are homosexuals.” A number of people complained about the post, leading to him being temporarily suspended from Facebook. UKIP Leigh chairman Jayson Lomax-Hargreaves distanced himself and the party from Mr Mills' views, saying “Mr Mills’s comments are Mr Mills’s comments and they do not represent Ukip policy and we do not agree with them. “He should have posted this on his personal page and not on a UKIIP-affiliated page. “We are dealing with it internally in the party. He is no longer the ward representative for that area.” Read more: Scottish adoption agencies encouraging same-sex couples. Beyonce and Adele lead this year's VMA nominations.