Unemployed 24-year-old reveals how a 'sugar daddy' funds his luxury lifestyle

Edward Oliver has been living a life of luxury after finishing his marketing degree - all thanks to his wealthy and divorced 'sugar daddy'. Oliver, who is 24 years old and currently unemployed, says he's lived a life of excess and even managed t pay off his student debt after forming a mutually-beneficial relationship with a 56-year-old 'sugar daddy', who he has been seeing for two years. In an interview with the Daily Mail, he explains that he has a long-term friendship and financial agreement with the 'sugar daddy' who pays his rent and splashes out on clothes and holidays - but Oliver says he insists sleeping in a separate bedroom. "This is my longest sugar daddy relationship so far - we started off seeing each other once a week, but once he ended another relationship we spent more and more time together," he explains. "I think at first he was looking for a sexual relationship, but as we got to know each other it became very much platonic. I'm unemployed, but I do sort of look at my relationship as a job." As well as his emotional obligations, Oliver says he helps out in his 'sugar daddy's' property development business, and says it can be quite "stressful having to put on a front all the time to keep him happy."  "In return though I get my rent paid, a £2,000 cash allowance, regular holidays that last up to a month at a time all round the world, five-star accommodation and luxury travel." Despite being unemployed and owning so much luxury clothing, Oliver's friends and family, who don't know about his 'sugar daddy' set-up, so far haven't asked any questions. "They never ask me where the money comes from. I'm from a comfortable background and went to a private school, so I think friends assume it's family wealth," he says. "People are very quick to judge and let their imaginations run wild, but it's not as seedy as people think." The Kingston University graduate continues: "To be honest, it is like a job - it's an exchange of money for a service. That service is companionship and making someone feel good about themselves. It sounds amazing, and I do get paid well to do it - but it can be very stressful at times." Oliver had met his 'sugar daddy' on Seeking Arrangement, a dating website that specializes in 'sugar baby' relationships and has had other 'sugar baby' relationships. He explains, "I've had other 'sugar daddies' before now, and the relationship can be a bit weird. The whole reason I started doing the whole 'sugar baby' thing was because I'd dated a lot of people, and I always ended up being the one looking after them. "It was nice to have someone look after me for a change and be my cheerleader - if I have ideas they're happy to talk about them with me and they support and encourage them, which is really nice." "I am bisexual," he says. "And I've had women approach me as a 'sugar mama' too - but I grew up in  single-parent family and I'm very close to my mum, so using a woman for financial gain doesn't sit well with me." Oliver adds that the relationship between a 'sugar daddy' and the person they are funding does not have a 'normal' dynamic. "Romantic relationships never really last long - due to the money it can be more of an uncle and nephew feel, which is a bit odd", he explains. "Meeting a 'sugar daddy or mama' gives it a very different dynamic to regular dating, so romantic relationships are difficult - it's hard to have a real, loving relationship when you're being paid for your time. But lots of people look for 'sugar babies' or 'sugar daddies and mamas' for different reasons." More stories: Colin Farrell turns 40: The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ star’s hottest ever moments Gus Kenworthy says he’s fallen ‘head over heels’ for boyfriend Matthew Wilkas