Union J 'up for Attitude naked shoot - when we get in shape'

Union-JUnion J's Jaymi Hensley has revealed that the band would be up for posing naked for Attitude. The singer told attitude.co.uk recently that would appear in a future Naked Issue in order to give himself a "goal to get in shape". Looking back on the group's June 2013 cover, Jaymi said: "We looked shit. It’s a good cover, but we were little boys. We look so different now. We’d love to come back and do another one." On the subject of a naked cover, he added: "I’ve always said that I’d do it if we were given the goal to get in shape. Because we’re on the road a lot, you do end up eating shit. "If you’ve got a goal to work towards I think we could all get in shape and get our giblets out for you." Jaymi appeared in Attitude's special Love & Marriage edition earlier this year - read about his Vatican proposal here. Read our full interview with Union J here.