University student sets up fundraising account to help fund his gender confirmation surgery

Matt Trenner was forced to go private due to long waiting times within the NHS


Words: Steve Brown

A university student has set up a fundraising account to help him fund his gender confirmation surgery.

Matt Trenner, 23, is a student at the University of Brighton and began transitioning back in 2016 but was forced to go private after long waiting times and mix-ups at gender clinics in an attempt to speed up his surgery.

He told the Argus: “Too many times I’ve either tried to or thought about taking my life. Twice I’ve wound up in hospital due to this.

“Every day is struggle when you do not want to exist.

“It’s a joke that so many transgender humans kill themselves before getting the chance to be themselves.

“At this point in my life I feel it’s absolutely necessary that I get the ball rolling for surgery because my life is yet to begin.”

So far, Matt has raised £2,203 which has been donated by friends and family and will go towards having his breast tissue removed – a procedure known as ‘top surgery’.

He added: “Having top surgery would open up a new life for me.

“I’d stop binding, meaning my back can have a break after years of restricting my movement.

“I’d be able to be topless in the heat, and even try to learn to swim.

“I’d be able to start looking at myself in the mirror without feeling repulsed. I would just be able to breathe.”

To donate to Matt’s campaign, visit here.