US department store features adorable gay couple in festive season ad

US department store chain Kohl's have debuted their festive season ad campaign, titled 'Celebrate Togetherness' - and the campaign has an adorable, interracial gay couple as its focus. The ad features a large, diverse family getting together for Thanksgiving and celebrating together around the dinner table - among them, a handsome male pair, toasting the table arm in arm: And in a move that seems to suggest this is more than mere gay tokenism, the ad opens with a picture of their extended family tree - with the gay couple placed firmly in the middle. Perhaps we'll see more of them as the campaign progresses? Kohls 2 Happily, there doesn't seem to have been any backlash about the ad as yet. Viewers have been tweeting their approval since it debuted yesterday: https://twitter.com/SaraJBenincasa/status/666698039403393024 https://twitter.com/itsgurrett/status/666036177636462592 https://twitter.com/whtvrberlyn/status/666442095712976897 https://twitter.com/JakeLX/status/665020410715500545 It's been a good week for diversity in advertising - just the other day Barbie unveiled their first-ever advert featuring a young boy (and he totally stole the show). More stories: Pics | Latest AHS: Hotel episode is a feast of male nudity Jackie Collins’ publicist unearths wonderfully camp lost message to Attitude