Vandals write homophobic slurs on posters promoting HIV testing campaign

The posters were placed in a bus stop near Sydney's gay district


Posters which promote a HIV testing campaign have been vandalised in Sydney.

According to LGBT activists Chris Pycroft – who noticed the vandalised signs at a bus stop near Sydney’s gay district – the posters were created by ACON, one of Australia’s leading HIV health organisations, to raise awareness of the virus.

The signs were vandalised with the words ‘fuck fags’ and ‘you have Aids’.

Pycroft told Gay Star News: “It’s disappointing to see this kind of vandalism, particularly somewhere so close to a recognised safe space for LGBTI people.

“It’s an unfortunate reminder of how much work lies ahead in removing stigma around HIV.”

CEO for ACON Nicolas Parkhill added: “Sadly, this is just the most recent case to appear in Sydney.

“This is an ignorant, offensive and deplorable act, highlighting how far we have to go in tackling homophobia and HIV stigma.

“Actions such as these steel our resolve to keep doing the work that we do and fighting for an Australia that is inclusive and safe.

“We will continue to deliver health education campaigns for our communities that build on and reflect their strength and resilience.

“They deserve nothing less.”