Viewers divided over Cucumber/Banana finale

Russell T. Davies' controversial twin gay dramas Cucumber and Banana both screened their respective finales last night, and as with many episodes of the season, viewer reaction was fiercely divided. A viewer's response to the Cucumber finale: "Oh god, I AM Henry!" It's been a dramatic season, with [SPOILER ALERT!] the brutal death of Lance several episodes ago shocking many viewers. Last night's finale ended with a flash-forward six years into the future, and a surprising final line delivered by the middle-aged Henry: “I might come to terms with it,” he says. “Being gay." Freddie-Fox-as-Freddie-Vi-009 Many on Twitter lauded the finale, describing it as 'bold' and 'brilliant': https://twitter.com/PeterTatchell/status/576143727955210240 https://twitter.com/alexturney/status/576323452182900736 https://twitter.com/raftersafters/status/576313155237867520 https://twitter.com/PhilipHensher/status/576353513162317824 https://twitter.com/_okiswonderful/status/576140233911189504 https://twitter.com/SohoGuy/status/576141752127606785 https://twitter.com/Martin_Hoscik/status/576137651339857920 However, others labelled the finale a 'disappointing' end to the series: https://twitter.com/jackal0re/status/576147956828631040 https://twitter.com/AlexGabriel/status/576141579519442944 https://twitter.com/IAmScubaMonkey/status/576141087464689665 https://twitter.com/WhatTheBearSays/status/576130025281462272 What did you think of the finale? Let us know in the comments below...