Want to improve your weight loss, muscle definition, and conditioning? Crossrope has the answer



Usually, when you think of cardio equipment, you think treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair steppers, or some kind of hybrid of each of these….but can you pop any of these in your gym bag or take them anywhere you go? No!

But a jumprope, that’s got to be the most portable of all cardio equipment right? And one rope is pretty much the same as another…right? No, not right…Enter Crossrope.

At its core, the Crossrope Get Lean Set is a jump rope training system composed of interchangeable handles and weighted, colour-coded ropes that are designed to help you learn how to jump, lose weight, and achieve your fitness goals.

The Get Lean Set comes with two weighted ropes as standard, a ¼ lb green rope and a ½ lb white rope. They can be ordered in four different lengths – small 8ft through to XL 9ft 6 so no matter how short or tall you are they have you covered.

What's also special about the system are the handles – the company blurb states that ‘high quality precision stainless steel bearings are the most durable on the market and offer the smoothest, fastest, and most incredible spin to ensure you get the most out of each and every jump rope workout!’ and I've got to agree, they are remarkable easy to use, switching effortlessly between ropes which I did again and again…and again and again!

So why is it better?

With a standard jump rope, you’ve got one weight and that’s it. So while you can vary the speed (and throw in jump variations like scissors, side-to-sides, high jumps, squat jumps), the conditioning you’ll do will be limited to your lungs and to a lesser extent, your legs.

In other words, nothing for the upper body (unless the one jump rope you have is a heavy rope). With the Crossrope set you’ll be working your arms, core, and shoulders as well, often times until they’re screaming and you’ll also be blasting the cardio as well.

For those who are up for a greater challenge, Crossrope also offers the Get Strong Set that comes with the 1 LB and 2 LB ropes and rugged Power handles.

With the Get Lean Set, you can go from 1/4lb to 1/2lb seamlessly, using one pair of handles. And if you use the free app you’ll be doing lots of that.

The Crossrope app (offered on iOS and Android) is a game-changer. And it’s not just a game-changer for beginners. The app offers workouts and fitness challenges for every level. Select the Crossrope set you have and you'll get access to fun workouts you can take on the go. No gym required.

Once you’ve hit “Begin Workout” on the app, a timer gives you a few seconds to get in place.

Then, via a countdown timer, you’re instructed which rope to use. Voice prompts instruct you when to start/stop and switch ropes and handles.

The app indicates rope by both name and colour, keeps a running time elapsed, time remaining, and of course, your current interval.

All these quick bouts of high intensity exercise followed by brief breaks, sound familiar? It should! 

Crossrope is HIIT at its finest. And in my opinion, HIIT workouts, in most cases, are vastly superior to steady-state workouts. 

After just six weeks of using these, three times a week, I not only saw the difference but I felt it too.

I’m a huge fan. Yes, it can seem pricey for a jumprope, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for.

Plus, it’s better to think of Crossrope in terms of complete training system, not just a one-off piece of cardio equipment.

I’m just not sure you can do better, do more, and do it as effectively and efficiently for less money.

For these reasons, Crossrope is as close to perfect as cardio equipment gets.

You can grab your own Crossrope from Amazon here.